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Flea Market Funk parties with Canned Champagne

Thanks to Flea Market Funk for feeling the spirit here on our summer party release.

Link here:

We told you all, here they come. And they are coming in hot! Scone Cash Players are back with a bang on their new single “Canned Champagne” off of their new long player As The Screw Turns on Flamingo Time/ Mango Hill Records out on Friday June 21st. If you thought that this band was just all about sweet soul ballads, low rider oldies or love songs, well think again. They bring the funk people and bring it right to the table hard. “Canned Champagne” is a party track, an anthem for the Summer of 2019. With heavy duty drums, horns for days, and of course the organ that can’t be stopped, this is definitely a track that will be getting maximum spins as the Summer all over the globe. Lending a hand are Ian Hendrickson-Smith and Dave Guy from The Roots, who help elevate an already dope track to a higher level with their added flavors. If Andrew WK parties hard, this track parties a lot harder. We all know that the heat is plentiful in Miami, but Scone Cash Players really know how to throw a back yard BBQ and keep the neighborhood hot and awake with this new one. Let’s not forget that monster drum break that is just begging you to work doubles with. Hoping for sure to see this bad boy on a forty five at some point. I mean, we can’t wait until June 21st for the full length! We can, but this is begging for a forty five release, so we’re waiting on the edge of our seats to get it in the bag. In the mean time, play this video over and over, we definitely are.

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