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JAZZIZ Editors Pick Playlist "Cold 40s"

The editors of JAZZIZ have the good fortune of being able to listen to new music before it’s officially released in stores and streaming platforms. And because we’re always listening to new tunes, we always know just what to recommend. That’s why we’ll bring you a roundup of ten songs each Monday, featuring music from our favorite new albums, singles and other tunes that may have flown under your radar. And, for good measure, we’ll be throwing in some “golden oldies” as well…

This week’s playlist begins and ends with two of the biggest hits written and produced by legendary Motown songwriting team Holland–Dozier–Holland, in honor of Lamont Dozier, who passed away on August 8, aged 81. We chose huge hits by Four Tops and The Supremes.

This playlist also includes Nubyan Twist’s rendition of Donald Byrd’s “Through the Noise (Chant No. 2),” the latest preview from the second instalment of Blue Note’s Re:Imaginedseries. Vocalist/pianist Carol Welsman offers her refreshing take on the well-worn standard, “Come Fly With Me.” Pianist Joey Alexander showcases his compositional prowess on the opening track of his latest LP, Origin. The Alaya Project blend the Carnatic tradition of Indian classical music with contemporary styles, including on “Emerge” from their self-titled debut, released today.

Next up, is a funk-soul double bill, featuring new singles by Miami-based Scone Cash Players and Australian instrumental band Surprise Chef. Following, a cosmic new single from Antwerp-based four-piece Stellar Legions, whose sound is rooted in jazz, improv, hip-hop, dub and electronic music, while saxophonist Will Vinson explores the cordless trio on “Tripwire,” the title track from his upcoming new album.

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