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Scone Cash Players - Nostalgia King Review

Big thanks to Skeme Richards and Nostalgia King!

With a group name like Scone Cash Players and an upcoming album titled “Blast Furnace”, you know this vinyl slab of heat rocks will be well worth the cash you spent on it. After a couple of heavy in rotation 45’s have been in the mix for sometime, it’s only right that the band gets together to bless listeners with a full length of greasy organ jazz with a funky edge sharp enough to cut through the pickiest of music lovers. Blast Furnace is 11 cuts deep taking you through waves of sounds going from sit back and relax to get on the floor and work it out, and you know we can always use more jazz for the dancers!  Yet another LP in the ever growing list of jazz albums coming out and moving to the forefront of listening.

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