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Bandcamp writes "Scone Cash Players" Best soul music of July!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Big thanks to Bandcamp for featuring us.


Scone Cash Players As the Screw Turns

“There was a time / There was a place / And I could feel it / Love was all over the play,” croons legendary gospel-soul queen Naomi Shelton on “My House is Small (But I Dream Big).” It’s a gem of song, and Shelton’s presence is a big score for a band making sharp retro soul. Topically, As the Screw Turns is focused on the daily grind: namely, surviving on your paltry earnings in a world that sometimes feels full of hate and heartbreak.

Besides the standout Shelton feature, As the Screw Turns, introduces a dynamic new soul voice in Jason Joshua. Joshua is gifted with a great voice, and his passionate sound is highlighted on “Canned Champagne,” a song that earns him a James Brown comparison. On the “The Opportunist,” his raw, grainy vocals resonate with genuine heartbreak as he describes a woman who used him for all he had, then abandoned him. ATST also features fantastic instrumental tracks like “Dr. Red Teeth,” which showcase the band’s skill at creating animated soul-funk.

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