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BLURT ONLINE! - Incredible video on history of the Sugarman 3

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SEPT. 22, 2012

Daptone Records dropped some crucial contemporary funk, What The World Needs Now by the Sugarman 3, a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve got a special video for you to check out on the band and the album: The group, of course, features Daptone’s co-founder and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings’ member, Neal Sugarman, who also arranged for 15% of all the CD and LP preorders to be donated to Dr. Eric Wong’s Brain Tumor Research Fund at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. (For more info on the charity, please visit:

Check the latest print issue of BLURT (Spiritualized cover) for our review of the S3 album. As our writer puts it, “Once again breathing new life into an old form, The Sugarman Three are back to show us all How It’s Supposed To Be Done.”

Ten years after their last platter, the fabulously funky Pure Cane Sugar, The Sugarman Three are back with their fourth album, What The World Needs Now. The Three – Dap-Kings sax player and Sugarman Three band leader Neal Sugarman, Adam Scone on organ and Rudy Aldin on drums, with several pals from the Daptone Records stable sitting in – haven’t lost a step in the last decade, and probably picked up a few new tricks along the way.

Updating the classic jazz trio into a funky setting, Neal Sugarman and pals blaze, vamp, groove and sleaze their way through originals like the jumping “Your Friendly Neighborhood Sugarman,” the steady rolling “Rudy’s Intervention” and the moody funk noir of “Jealous Moon.” Producer and fellow Dap King Bosco Mann adds essential bass lines to the dirty party groove of “Witches Boogaloo,” the after-hours jazz vamp “Mellow Meeting” and various other tracks. Sugarman Three also puts the funky finger on The Standells’ 1960s garage rock classic “Dirty Water,” and rework the Burt Bacharach and Hal David title cut “What The World Needs Now” as a smoky slow dance. Organist Adam Scone really shines this time out, taking the lead and setting the scene on most of the tracks.

Once again breathing new life into an old form, The Sugarman Three are back to show us all How It’s Supposed To Be Done.

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