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Exclaim! magazine features SCONE CASH PLAYERS "As the Screw Turns"

Thanks again to Exclaim for giving us some love!

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Published Jun 24, 2019

Funk outfit Adam Scone and the Scone Cash Players riff on the mundane aspects of life — paying bills, big dreams, love, loss and all that — with As the Screw Turns: the screw being pressure, and the funk groove, how we deal with it. As conceived by organist and bandleader Scone, it's a soulful, urgent, ten-track affair: play Hammond organ play. Conceptualized while on a Daptone "Super Soul Revue" tour overseas — in the company of Sugarman 3 and the late Sharon Jones — the project carries a summery, Miami chill flavour, and is peppered with Daptone musicians (names like Jason Joshua, John Dokes, Caito Sanchez on drums and Alex Chakour on guitar), topped off with Naomi Sheltonlending lead vocals on track "My House Is Small" (But I Dream Big)." "The Opportunist" is some throat-clearing soul-gospel; "Canned Champagne" sounds like a track meant for the late Charles Bradley; "They Say It's Christmas Time" aims for a Motown-Philly feel, but the jury is out whether it will be a holiday standard; and dexterous numbers like "Brass Tacks," "The Crown Divide" and the frenetic "Bokum Hi" showcase a funk pocket the collective know inside out. As the Screw Turns leaves listeners feeling the pressure but ultimately coming out fresher. (Flamingo Time / Mango Hill)

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