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Flea Market Funk! Spasibo Records Review

If you are down with the funky organ, you’re day is about to get that much better. One of our fave organ outfits is back with a seven that will surely get you moving in the right direction, and hopefully if it’s here in the good old US of A, it’s in the direction of your local polling station to vote. The Scone Cash Players, led by the unstoppable Adam Scone team up with Spasibo Records for a two sider that will move your hand (and feet) like Lonnie Smith. Getting funky as he wants to be, Scone goes from moody to down right dirty with the funk. Along with some superb back beats (read: open drum breaks) and saxophone work, this is funky organ business at its best. The flip, “Algier’s Connection”, a slow chugging organ train with some serious guitar work, is a side that would make Booker T. and Donald Duck Dunn jump up and scream “Yeah”! A bit exotic, it has got the minerals if you know what we mean Turkish. Spasibo, based out out Saint Petersburg Russia knows a thing or two about the funk. Their catalog has highlighted a myriad of solid funk outfits, released some hip hop goodness, and now continues on with some amuse bouche from SCP’s upcoming sophomore effort Blast Furnace. RIYL soul jazz trios of the past, funky organ, and records called “Fly Dude”. Check out the track below: - FROM FLEA MARKET FUNK

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