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KUTX 98.9 Austin, TX feature "Canned Champagne" as SONG OF THE DAY

KUTX 98.9 Austin, TX Song of the Day - Scone Cash Players

We love KUTX and we Love Austin TX... Thanks for the feature and hope to see you soon in real life. Thanks to Jack Anderson!

If you’re a die-hard Daptone admirer, the Scone Cash Players already have a place in your wheelhouse. Modern day Booker T contemporary Adam Scone and his Hammond-backing band have been riding the heat wave of  2018’s Blast Furnace for awhile, and today they tighten up their funk-soul sockets even more with As The Screw Turns.

A record this impressive doesn’t need much more of an intro, so let’s celebrate New Music Friday with a pop, courtesy of  “Canned Champagne”!

Jack Anderson

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