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Nostalgia King Reviews AS THE SCREW TURNS

Big thanks to Skeme Richards at Nostalgia king for checking out our new LP.

Link Here:

It seems like it was just yesterday that Scone Cash Players delivered their debut LP, “Blast Furnace” to the people and unexpectedly their follow up to one of my favorite albums of the year arrives at the door insisting that I immediately remove the shrink wrap and drop the needle down. With that said, Scone Cash Players have recorded another tight slice of grooves that elevates their sound from the previous effort and shows that they’re definitely going in the right direction. Organ funk, grit, deep grooves and plenty of soul is what you’re going to get on “As The Screw Turns”, a knockout 10 tracker long player of instrumental tunes as well as a few vocal cuts mixed in. For this album, they’ve enlisted a star studded cast to join including legend Naomi Shelton, Jason Joshua and John Dokes.

This will definitely be a heavy spin and listen for those who take music seriously. Be sure to pre-order and add it to your crate when it drops on. Available via now.

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