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The Vinyl District Review of BLAST FURNACE!

Big thanks to The Vinyl District for the Album review.

Written by Joseph Neff

Scone Cash Players, Blast Furnace! (Flamingo Time – Mango Hill) When it comes to instrumental Hammond organ-led combos, I’m perhaps too much of a stickler, and it’s a situation that applies to both jazzy and funky templates (and of course, the zone where the two mingle). A big part of my problem is simply too many notes, and by extension long streams of liquidy spillage. On the jazzy side, there can be an overemphasis on finesse, but on the funky, uninspired grooves and too much horn vamping. But hey, all these personal stumbling blocks don’t apply to the work of Adam Scone, a veteran Hammond specialist who’s played with Lou Donaldson on the jazz side and Sugarman 3 in funk context. Here he is fronting a band loaded with Dap-Kings, and the varied sound they kick out is just how I like it. A-

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