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"The Vinyl District" takes a listen to AS THE SCREW TURNS

Thanks to Joseph Neff for taking the time to check out our new LP!

Link Here:

Scone Cash Players, As The Screw Turns (Flamingo Time / Mango Hill) My introduction to the group of funky-jazzy organist Adam Scone came last year with Blast Furnace! I dug that set, largely because the instrumental equation was pretty much how I liked it, which is to say not too busy or vampy. This follow-up LP adjusts the template more than a little, adding vocals for half the tracks and in turn leaning into the funky side of the whole organ combo shebang (Scone has played with both Lou Donaldson and Sugarman 3, so he can cover the waterfront). The singing doesn’t detract as the playing is reliably interesting. I must downgrade this a bit for including a Xmas song (released on 45 late last year), but at least it’s a good Xmas song, and the fuzz guitar overload in “Dr. Red Teeth” helps balance things out.

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